Teach 4 Tomorrow Club at Gavilan College

The Teach for Tomorrow Club gives Gavilan College Child Development and Educational Studies students a club for learning, networking, and conference development experience. Students participate in designing/facilitating at least two conferences a year, as well as going on fieldtrips to local teacher resource programs. We also host guest speakers in the general field of education and teaching.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

TIme to Plan for Gav Fest!

We are having two meetings, March 22 at 5pm in Morgan Hilll
and March 23 at 12:45pm in the caffeteria. Pick the one that fits your schedule.

If these don't work, check back after the 23rd and reply to the post. Let us know how you want to be involved!

We will talk over our Gav Fest ideas, na dpick who wants to work on what activities. How do you want to contribute? Join us to have fun!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome Back! CalSAC and GavFest are coming up!

Welcome back to classes! I hope you had a good and restful vacation.

Please join us for our next club meeting and sign up to participate in our upcoming events!

Club meetings:
Tuesday, Jan 31 at 4:00pm the Morgan Hill site
Thursday, Feb 2 at 12:45pm in the caffeteria
Join us to talk about your participation and fun in our upcoming events!

CalSAC Conference
- Saturday Feb 11, 8am - 4pm Gilroy Junior high
This is a great opportunity to attend workshops, volunteer and learn how a conference is fun, and meet professionals in the field -- all this leads to future job opportunities!
Tuesday Feb 7 : assist with CalSAC conference preparation by stuffing participant envelopes
5 pm at Gilroy Junior High
RSVP to the blog if you can help

Saturday Feb 11: Attend and volunteer at the CalSAC conference
(you could earn extra credit in your CD classes)
RSVP to the Blog if you plan to attend

GavFEST - Saturday May 6, 9-4 Gavilan College, main campus
This is a very fun event! We have several ideas for the parent's mini conference and our activities on the Social Science building lawn. Mark your calendar!
RSVP to the Blog if you plan to attend

Questions or comments? Please email me at dclabaugh@gavilan.edu or call my cell phone

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sing Christmas Carols with Gav Preschoolers!

Come sing with us on Thursday Dec 15 from 9 - 9:45!

We will tour classrooms that would like us to show up to bring them some holiday cheer!

Meet in the CDC lobby by 9am.
Wear a Christmas shirt if you want!

RSVP by posting a comment so I know how many Club members to expect.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ICC Meeting Wed. 12/7 in SS203

Hi everyone,
The next ICC meeting is Wednesday 12/7 in SS203, at 2pm.
Sean, are you going? Can anyone go? We need to talk about our contributions to GavFest and the CalSAC conferences.

Please post after the meeting so we can read the latest!

This is the last ICC meeting for this semester.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First GavFest meeting this week!

Hello Everyone,

You are invited to a very special meeting for all those presenting
children's activities at GavFest on Thursday, Dec.1, at 3:00, in the
Social Sciences Commons Area.

The purpose of the meeting is to see how we can more effectively coordinate
the kids' stuff and use Grace's inspired heading "Gaviland."
If we can have one good meeting, there may not need to be another!

Thank you,
Fran Lozano

Club Meeting this week! Choose one date and location!

Come to a T4T Club Meeting this week!

Hear about the terrific RAFT trip!
Get a surprise from Dionne!
Talk about Campus Christmas Carolling in December!
Start planning for Gav Fest!

Choose either meeting:
Wednesday, Nov 30 at 6:30 in Morgan Hill Campus lobby
Thursday, Dec 1 at 11:15 in Gilroy cafeteria

RSVP to this blog, and let me know which meeting you can attend!
Or, send me an email to dclabaugh@gavilan.edu

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ICC club Meeting This Wed 11/16 and RAFT Trip this Sat 11/19

Sean will be attending the ICC meeting on Wed at 2 pm this week. Sean, We'll look forward to your post about the discussion at the ICC meeting!
Thanks, Dionne

Looks like we have a good group going to RAFT -- GREAT!! If you want to go, post a comment and show up at a carpool site (Gilroy campus parking lot at the bus stop OR Morgan HIll campus in the Church street parking lot) and leave at 8am!!

8:45-9:30 - Tour and Welcome -- meet in the Main Lobby
9:30-11:30 - Check out the demos, materials and resources
11:30 - meet in the Main Lobby to wrap up.

Bring a bag lunch, as there isn't any restraunts close by. (The Great Mall is north a couple miles on the freeway, if you want to go there.)

Driving directions are on the RAFT website. It is really easy to get there.

See you Saturday!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Carpools now forming for Nov 19 trip to RAFT!


We have a driver leaving from Morgan Hill, and a driver leaving from Gilroy campus.

Post a comment to this announcement requesting to join the carpool closest to you - save on gas, meet feloow students, have more fun!