Teach 4 Tomorrow Club at Gavilan College

The Teach for Tomorrow Club gives Gavilan College Child Development and Educational Studies students a club for learning, networking, and conference development experience. Students participate in designing/facilitating at least two conferences a year, as well as going on fieldtrips to local teacher resource programs. We also host guest speakers in the general field of education and teaching.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Come to aT4T Kick-Off Meeting on 10/13 or 10/19!

Our first club kick-off meeting was on 10/13 with 6 club members. It was a great meeting!

The second kick-off meeting will be on Wednesday, Oct 19 at 5pm in the Morgan Hill site. Please join us!!

At the 10/13 meeting we talked about a number of club activities, including
- A November fieldtrip to RAFT raft.net
- A December Christmas caroling walk around campus with the Gav CDC preschoolers
- Guest speaker teachers from local school districts and Child Dev Centers
- Participation in the CalSAC conference on Feb 11, 2006 calsac.org
- Participation and club event planning at GavFest on May 6, 2006
- Fundraisers on campus club days at at GavFest
- Making club t-shirts and visors to wear on club days
- Adding a job postings page to this Blog

At the 10/19 meeting we will get your input on the above and add anything else you would like to do as a club. Remember, my role as an advisor is to get you what you need to succeed as students and future teachers!

If you want to be a member of the T4T club, want to join this blog and post to it, or have questions/comments about the club, please email me at dclabaugh@gavilan.edu .

Dionne Clabaugh
Gavilan T4T Club Advisor


  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Marietta said…

    Dear Dionne, I am going to RAFT from Gav and will be riding with?


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