Teach 4 Tomorrow Club at Gavilan College

The Teach for Tomorrow Club gives Gavilan College Child Development and Educational Studies students a club for learning, networking, and conference development experience. Students participate in designing/facilitating at least two conferences a year, as well as going on fieldtrips to local teacher resource programs. We also host guest speakers in the general field of education and teaching.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First GavFest meeting this week!

Hello Everyone,

You are invited to a very special meeting for all those presenting
children's activities at GavFest on Thursday, Dec.1, at 3:00, in the
Social Sciences Commons Area.

The purpose of the meeting is to see how we can more effectively coordinate
the kids' stuff and use Grace's inspired heading "Gaviland."
If we can have one good meeting, there may not need to be another!

Thank you,
Fran Lozano


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